Jacaranda Trace Repeater Club
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The Jacaranda Repeater Club

This repeater was put up for the residents of the Jacaranda Trace Retirement community.

 I would like to thank the following people who without them we would not have this repeater. 

L. Lebron  WA2COP     E. Palmer K4JP     

L.Feuer N2LES         J.Foster N2VWK

D. Hullfish KI4EFJ    Derek Parker KK4AJO           

Mr. S. Rosskamp  Mr. G. Patterson   Owners 


We have IRLP Node 4434 and Echolink Node # 205293 operating on the repeater frequencies, access to the node is unrestricted and there is no access codes required. Please read and understand the IRLP procedures before accessing nodes or reflectors. These procedures were designed by the IRLP to make it more enjoyable for all, as well as make sure we conform to rules and regulations.

I hope you enjoy the IRLP and The Echolink

John Stewart


Thanks to Lou Lebron WA2COP for supporting the IRLP Node at his house.

REPEATER FREQ 442.050+ PL 100.0 in.

This is an IRLP and Echolink Node System That means you can connect to the repeater from a radio or a computer and talk to anyone in the world.

The IRLP NODE # is 4434

The Echolink Node # is 205293


Jacaranda Trace is located in Venice Florida

The antenna is 135 feet off the ground on top of this beautiful building.

Send an email to John Stewart